VoltCool - High Performance Transformer Cooling Fluids

Engineered for High-stability for Environmentally Sensitive & High Performance 

Transformer & Distribution Switch Applications

VoltCool products meet all US and International standards for dielectric fluids. They have excellent heat transfer and are effective arc-quenching media. Standard maintenance procedures are used with all VoltCool products.

VoltCool Dielectric Coolants are designed specifically for use in high-voltage power applications. Unlike competitive dielectric fluids made with mineral oils, Engineered Fluids’ VoltCool products have no sulfur, metals or other impurities. 

VoltCool fluids deliver safe, reliable, dielectric protection with outstanding high-temperature oxidation stability. VoltCool Coolants are compatible with all materials commonly used in power and distribution transformers, switchgear and circulating cooling systems.

VoltCool Dielectric Coolants are 98% biodegradable, nontoxic, non-halogenated, food grade and 100% ozone safe. In addition, the use and manufacture of VoltCool Dielectric Coolants release no toxic waste or vapors into the workplace or environment, making Engineered Fluids’ VoltCool coolants easy to transport, use, and clean up. 

Download VoltCool Technical & Safety Data Sheets