What is EK Cooling?

EK Cooling

octubre 04, 2021

Most power electronics, such as PCs, will generate heat, and this heat is not suitable for the electrical components and must be removed from the system. One of the alternatives to removing heat from the elements is through the water. Yes. That sounds a little off because we all assume that water will destroy your PC, but here’s what happens. The heat source in most of these components has heat sinks and elements that can be cooled with water. When the cold water is circulated in the heat source, it lets out the heated water, and the cooling process takes place through a water-to-water heat exchange.  


EK Cooling

EKWB Water cooling, also known as EK Water Blocks, is a brand name for a Slovenian Company. This company manufactures extreme cooling and water cooling systems for GPU, CPUs, SSDs, and RAM components. It is targeted towards custom PC building enthusiasts and professionals. They have a wide range of water cooling products such as; EK Water Cooling, EK Liquid Cooling, EK Leak Tester, and EK Fluid. They all offer cooling alternatives. Today, EK has become one of the most comprehensive providers of high-quality customer cooling products. It is expanding to AIO coolers, professional workstations, and plug-and-play gaming PCs.


What is the EK-leak Tester used for?

The EK-Leak Tester provides the fastest and safest way of testing any possible leaks in the liquid cooling loop. Now, while the regular leak testing still works, it does require many hours before a small leak can be detected, but, EK-Leak Tester will do this almost instantly. How? Well, the main body of a CNC machine has one end fitted with a removable concoction port that can be screwed to the liquid cooling loop directly. The main gauge is custom-designed for testing purposes, and this shows the required and safe testing pressure. A valve is hooked to the other side, which ensures no air escapes through the tester itself. To prevent damage to the cooling loop, the pressure must be kept at the predefined zone that’s marked on the gauge. Before using the EK-Leak Tester, ensure to read the manual first.  

Benefits of EK Cooling

  • It is efficient – the EK water cooling system will keep your components efficient by ensuring they do not overheat.
  • Footprint – The water cooling is smaller in size.
  • Energy-efficient – The cooling system helps save energy, which reduces your energy bills due to running your PCs and other components.
  • It is not noisy – compared to other cooling options, the EK liquid cooling is less noisy.
  • Costs – In terms of maintenance and installation costs, this is the most efficient option there is.