Choosing the Best Antifreeze For Your Car


octobre 11, 2021

The best antifreeze for your car, truck, or SUV depends on how you plan to use it. Coolant has three primary duties to perform. First, it exchanges heat between the engine and the radiator. Second, it keeps the engine block from corroding because water separates into hydrogen and oxygen (released as steam) when heated. It also prevents damage from freezing temperatures, which is why it’s used in the winter months. There are several different types of antifreeze for cars, each suited to the climate you live in. Our antifreeze recommendations are based on extensive internal testing and customer inquiries we receive daily.  

What kind of antifreeze should you put in your car?

Whether you live in a tropical, temperate, or frigid zone, we’ve got you covered. Using the right kind of antifreeze will not only provide superior performance but will protect your engine from damage that contaminants in your cooling system can cause. A car is a complicated machine. That is why we don’t think about it most of the time. But occasionally, it breaks down. A car’s cooling system is one of its most complex systems. It circulates water through coils of copper tubing, through which the engine sucks the heat from the combustion gases. The cool water that emerges is pumped back into the engine’s radiator, where it picks up the heat again and is pumped out again. The system works as long as the engine doesn’t overheat. If it does, the shutdown is not sudden. If anything, it is gradual. The heat builds up, and the coolant water takes on a strange, syrupy consistency. At some point, the coolant will thicken so much that it cannot circulate through the engine, and the engine will shut down. At this point, the driver can no longer drive. Usually, the car can be restarted, but it will have to be towed to the garage for repairs if it does overheat again. Antifreeze is a collection of chemicals that lowers the freezing point of water. When mixed with water, it lowers the freezing point to -30°C. When the coolant becomes too thick, the antifreeze is added to the water, and the coolant’s freezing point drops. Antifreeze is essential for your car’s functioning. Without it, the engine’s cooling system would fail, and the car would overheat and stop.  

Choosing the right antifreeze for your car

Antifreeze’s main job is to protect your engine from freezing during cold winter months. The two different types of antifreeze are Ethylene Glycol or Propylene Glycol coolants. If you have a modern vehicle with closed cooling systems, the best car antifreeze would be one that uses ethylene glycol coolant.