VoltCool® Transformer Additive VA-950

SKU: VA-900-0004-000

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Highly Concentrated Antioxidant and Corrosive Sulfur Stop Transformer Treatments 

Engineered Fluids' VoltCool Additives are highly concentrated packages of antioxidants and anti-sulfur formulations intended for field deployment and maintenance of mineral and organic ester filled transformers.

Unlike competing products, VoltCool Additives are highly concentrated, designed for use at 1/100 concentration levels. This dramatic decrease in package volume translates directly to substantial reductions in shipping, handling, and storage costs. In addition, this generally eliminates the need to off-load and dispose of existing oil in the transformer to make room for the addition of the additive during maintenance..

Engineered Fluids' VC-950 additive is specially formulated to halt sulfur corrosive issues typically found in mineral oils. VC-950 unique action works to convert corrosive forms of sulfur in suspension to non-corrosive forms. VC-950 also replenishes antioxidant levels and prevents further damage caused by sulfur-metal salts and sludge.