AmpCool - Full Immersion Cooling of Batteries | Electric Motors | Speed Controllers

Full Immersion Dielectric Coolant, Lubrication, and
Hydraulic Power Transfer all in a Single High Performance Fluid!

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Engineered Fluids' Dielectric Coolants for Full Liquid Immersion Cooling of Batteries, Electric Motors & EMCs.  AmpCool© provides excellent material compatibility, high dielectric strength, and outstanding thermal conductivity for today’s high powered electric vehicle, aircraft, and marine propulsion systems, and their accompanying power storage and motor controller technologies.

Unlike other products, AmpCool has been specifically formulated to allow eVehicle and electrical systems engineers to use a single fluid to fulfill the multiple roles of coolant, lubricant, and hydraulic fluid within the platform. This multi-role flexibility reduces cost and complexity in all systems, while reducing supply chain challenges through SKU reduction and design simplification. With a 25 year shelf-life and a 10 year operating life, AmpCool dramatically reduces ongoing maintenance costs in all environments.  

AmpCool Dielectric Coolants are materially compatible with all materials commonly used in electric motors, hydraulic systems, and with all battery chemistries.

Full immersion cooling of battery cells eliminates heavy and complex heat spreaders and water coolant containment housings, while providing increased flexibility in battery cell placement. These simplifications radically reduce weight and cost, providing increased thermal conductivity at the tab and cell level. AmpCool's density is 80% of water providing additional weight savings resulting in extended vehicle range. Coupled with better overall cell performance and faster charging times AmpCool provides significant benefits across the board.