DS-100 Dielectric Solvent - Full Removal of Coolants and Mineral Oils from Electronics

Safe & Effective Clean-up of All Electronic Equipment

Download Dielectric Solvents Technical & Safety Data Sheets

DS-100 Dielectric Solvent is an exceptional dielectric solvent and cleaner, specifically formulated for the removal of Engineered Fluids' AmpCool©, BitCool©, ElectroCool©, and VoltCool© dielectric coolants from electrical circuitry and equipment. DS-100 can also be used to clean electronic equipment from manufacturing detritus, dust, and airborne contaminants prior to immersion. In addition, DS-100 can be used to clean and remove residue from electronic equipment, enclosures, tanks, hoses, pumps, and dry coolers that has been used with mineral oil and other hydrocarbons. 

DS-100 does not contain halogenated solvents or other hazardous ingredients. DS-100's high dielectric strength enables it to be used safely on all types of electrical apparatus without the danger of electrical shorts or unintended arcing during operation.

DS-100 Dielectric Solvent removes both synthetic and hydrocarbon-based fluid coolants but is safe for use on plastic and rubber components. Unlike other solvents, DS-100 can be used without extensive protective equipment, and its high flash point provides an unprecedented degree of user safety.

DS-100 is simple to use either as a spray, in parts cleaner tanks, or in full immersion dip tanks. After cleaning, place the equipment in a well-ventilated location and allow it to dry. DS-100 will remove all residual coolant so that equipment can be maintained or returned to standard air-cooled service or repaired using soldering or other standard repair practices.