BitCool - Full Immersion Cooling of ASIC Miners

Low Cost, High Performance Full Immersion Coolant for your Miners
Maximize your returns with maximum performance!

Download BitCool Technical & Safety Data Sheets

Engineered Fluids' BitCool BC-888© Dielectric Coolant is the choice for serious high-performance, high-scale mining providing the highest safety and best performance per hash. 

BitCool is engineered specifically for use in open SLIC tank solutions and for material compatibility with all ASIC based cryptocurrency miners and similar blockchain applications.  Its high thermal density and low weight allows for efficient flow through the miner thus enabling significant over-clocking (20-30%) without exceeding manufacturers thermal recommendations thus ensuring both maximum profits and long equipment life.
BitCool Dielectric Coolant is 98% biodegradable, non-toxic, non-halogenated, non-corrosive, food grade and 100% ozone safe. In addition, the use and manufacture of BitCool Dielectric Coolants release no toxic waste, vapors, or smell into your home, office, or workplace.

If you are using GPUs or FPGAs for mining, you will need to use our ElectroCool EC-100 Dielectric Coolant to ensure full material compatibility with your equipment.